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Di pa rin makaget-over? HAHAHA =)) I’m Happy and Proud! :) Top8 ang UERMMMCI! >:D< Congratulations ulit mga Ate at Kuya na mga RN na! :D sa 2013 pa ako mag-eexam pero naffeel ko na sobrang hirap ng pagrereview kaya sobrang 1000X saya at sarap sa feeling ang makapasa ng NLE :)) Sipag, Tiyaga at Prayers para makapaghanap ng work! gogogo! :)

*needs to be productive today! #1.Attend Mass, #2.Study, #3.Exercise, #4.Sleep

*needs “more” focus, discipline and passion! okaaaaaaaaaay! “tama na muna ang pagttumblr/twitter/FB”

Thank you! old&new followers! >:D<

Blessed Sunday everyone! Take Care! :)

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